Our services include Automatic Barriers, Automatic Bollards, Automatic Electric Gates, Access Control, Manual Barriers, Swing Gates, Flow Plates, Automatic Unipark and Came Spares


Automatic Barriers

Our automatic barriers come in a range of sizes to suit every car park.  more  

Automatic Bollards

Control access to a car park or driveway with our range of automatic bollards.  more  

Automatic Swing Gates

Our electric gates will give you complete control of any driveway or industrial entrance.  more  

Access Control and Induction Loops

Our easy to use readers and detectors will give you even more control of your spaces.  more  

Manual Barriers

Protect your car park with our extensive range of manual barriers available in a range of sizes.  more  

Manual Swing Gates

Our durable swing gates will provide your car park/ property with the best level of protection.  more  

Flow Plates

Ensure traffic is always going the right way by installing a flow plate into your property.   more  

Automatic UniPark

The CAME UniPark 24V automatic parking space bar guard is easy to use, practical and guarantees your private parking spaces are always free.  more  

Height Restrictors

Our height restrictors are the ideal solution to prevent access to restricted areas.  more  

CAME Spares

If you need any spare parts, you can rely on us to get the specific item quickly and for a low cost.  more