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We offer a wide range of access control systems, all of which are compatible with our automatic barriers and electric gates. Our proximity equipment includes readers, controllers and all in one units.

We have a range of cards and fobs that can be used with all of our systems. The 1-4 door PCB controllers have extremely sophisticated software but are easy to use. They cover all high security needs including clock in and out time for staff and anti pass-back.

Our standard readers are compact, easy to install and cost effective. Our all in one keypads can also have an additional reader incorporated so that one door has an in and out proximity reader. A pin operated keypad can also be fitted into your system.

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Vehicle induction loops for car park barriers or electric gates are designed to detect the change of metal content above the loop, and achieved through electromagnetism. The loop is a single core cable that goes round a slot in the road at least 3 times.

The grove in the road can be cut by a large angle grinder or through a STIHL saw or floor saw. The approximate depth required is 30mm.

Our induction loops come with a large margin for movement in the roadway with adjustable sensitivity to allow for metal in the road and larger HGV's, as they are further off the ground.

The loops can be set to send a pulse N/O or N/C, or will stay N/O or N/C until the metal on the loop is moved.


 Induction loops for Car Park Barriers


Vehicle Loop Detector
Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply DC/AC 12v/24v
  • Power Consumption – 3w maximum
  • Output Relay – 120v/3A AC
  • Work Temperature – -20oC ~ +70oC
  • Loop Inductance Range – 50H ~ 800H (Ideal 100H ~ 300H)
  • Work Frequency – 20kHz ~ 130kHz
  • Sensitivity Can be Adjusted to 4 Levels
  • Self-Calibrating – 1s to 2s
  • Dimension – 79×22.5×90mm (L×W×H)




  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Duel relay adjustable (can be used for 2 separate devices e.g. gate & counter)
  • Adjustable presence or pulse
  • Delay time can be adjusted between 0 seconds & 2 seconds
  • Frequency is adjustable for more than one

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Key pad security for a car park barrier

Proximity Reader/Keypad

The system is 12v DC and has outputs that are n/o and n/c. There is also an input for an additional reader so you can have a reader in and out system on a single door. Deleting or accepting up to 2000 cards is easily completed via the engineer code.


  • Weatherproof
  • Blue backlit
  • Stainless steel front cover and aluminium rear
  • Adjustable relay time
  • 2000 users
  • Robust 
  • Price – £55.00

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Long range reader for car park barrier

Long Range RFID Reader

Long range readers are popularly deployed in environments where there is a need to track substantial or high value assets across large areas and spaces. These long range readers are used to integrate active RFID tags that use the 2.45GHz and 433MHz frequencies.


  • Max reader range 8 metres
  • Durable and cost effective
  • 100-240v DC +9v (power adapter)
  • Compatible with EPC G2(ISO 18000-6C) or ISO18000-6B
  • Water and dust proof, anti-interference and can work under thunder and light
  • IP55 splash proof
  • Easy to install with enclosure up-and-down adjustable bracket
  • This can be used with our 1, 2 & 4 door access control systems or our proximity keypads
  • Price – £195.00

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Photocells for Car Park Barriers

Battery/Wired Safety Photocells

Battery wired photocells are very popular with gate installers. The infra red beams have a transmitter which is battery operated and a receiver which needs a 4 core wire, this saves running cables across the road. The normally closed circuit is usually used for safety devices.

Therefore the normally open circuit is used to open gates and barriers. Our photocells also have the option or can be NO/NC. One beam is powered by 2xAA Batteries. The other side is powered by a 4-core 12-24v AC/DC power supply.

Technical Specifications

  • Rotating Internal Eye
  • 12 Metre Operating Range
  • N/C or N/O Output Relay
  • Price – £55.00

Radio Receiver

  • 12v direct current
  • 315 Khz receiver
  • Up to 50 transmitters can be programmed on to 1 receiver
  • Unlimited code free transmitters can be used, available from ourselves
  • Range can be up to 50 metres
  • Normally open or closed circuit
  • Can be set for momentary or permanent contact
  • Duel relay output
  • Price – £55.00

Additional Equipment

  • Transmitter – £10.50
  • Push Buttons – £15.00
  • Hinged Arm – PoA
  • Arm Nesting Post – £55.00
  • Reader Post – £55.00
  • Induction Loops – £60.00
  • Token and Coin Readers – £255.00
  • Wired, Wireless and GSM Intercoms – From £110.00

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