Automatic Swing Gates

Our electric gates, automatic sliding gates, and automatic swing gates for driveways and industrial entrances have a range of weight and gate lengths. We have a choice of access control and safety equipment that complies with all health and safety regulations. All of our motors below are robust and come with a 3 year warranty.

We accept all major credit & debit cards. Please contact us for technical help and purchasing. Gate motors can be purchased as part of a kit or individually.

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Sliding Gate BXV Motor Kit

The main benefit of sliding gates is the fact they're incredibly low-maintenance and highly reliable. They also do not need the opening space of a swing gate and come with a 3 year warranty.

BXV Sliding Gate Motors

  • 400KG 14 Meter Kit – £377.95
  • 600KG 18 Meter Kit – £406.35
  • 800KG 20 Meter Kit – £474.67

Additional equipment can be added:

  • Rack (Essential) Galvanized Steel – £15.50 Per Meter
  • Safety Edge – POA
  • Flashing Light – POA
  • Siren – POA
  • Battery Backup – POA

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  •  4 motors, all with encoder control, and available in the rapid version
  • Can operate in emergency mode during power outages
  • Control board, with separate terminal board and display, for simple installation and diagnosing. Save up to 250 different users
  •  On-board rolling code and (twin) key code radio-frequency decoding
  • Can retrofit magnetic limit-switches and heater for extreme weather conditions




Underground Gate Motor Kits

The main reason that makes underground motors so popular on private properties is they are nearly invisible. This is down to them being buried underground in enclosed boxes, with all that is visible is the rust proof lid.

Underground motors are the quietest of all the gate openers. All electric gate motors have a mechanism to release in the event of a power failure and the underground motors are no different. We also provide a spare key.


CAME UK Frog 230v Underground Motors

  • 3.5 Meter Pair Kit – £899.00
  • 3.5 Meter Single Kit – £749.00
  • 5.5 Meter Pair Kit – £4779.00
  • 5.5 Meter Single Kit – £2798.00
  • 7 Meter Pair Kit – £4799.00
  • 7 Meter Single Kit – £2798.00

CAME UK Frog 24v Underground Motors

  • 3.5m Pair Kit – £1197.30
  • 3.5m Single Kit – £785.46

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  • The 24v DC versions can operate in emergency mode during power outages
  • Adjustable built-in leaf stops
  • Can open up to 180° (with the FL-180 accessory)
  • The invisible solution to power your gate

  • High degree of protection against weathering (IP67)
  • Controlled impact forces. Thanks to laboratory testing carried out on a gate sample, Frog is European standard EN12445 and EN12453 compliant, in terms of impact forces. (FROG-AE, FROG-A24 and FROG-AE24)

  • IP67 Complete Water proof
  • The low voltage gearmotor guarantees functioning even under the most severe working conditions such as apartment blocks or industrial applications
  • A special electronic circuit constantly analyses the proper functioning of the gate leaves, allowing for their total stop, or inversion of movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles






Swing Gate Motor Kits

Although we have a large selection of automatic swing gate motors available, after many years of experience with CAME equipment we feel that our range provides the most reliable at the best cost. However if you have a preference for any other CAME gate kits, please contact us and we will give you the best quotation.

The kits below include motors, control panel, radio receiver, antenna, two transmitters and a pair of photocells. If you don't need the full kit or require extra equipment please email or call us with your requirements. These are the Ideal solution for gates in single homes and apartment blocks.

AXO Electric Gate Motor Main Features

  • The 24v versions can work in emergency mode during power outages
  • Encoder technology for controlling slow-downs
  • The 24v versions feature a simplified connection system with a single three-conductor cable to control the motor and the encoder
  • Adjustable mechanical stops for memorising gate travel

AXO Swing Gate Motors

  • 3 Meter Pair Kit – £732.55
  • 3 Meter Single Kit – £540.40
  • 4 Meter Pair Kit – £732.55
  • 4 Meter Single Kit – £540.40
  • 7 Meter Pair Kit – £759.35
  • 7 Meter Single Kit – £560.20

Optional Gate Accessories

  • Stop/No Entry Signs – £15.00
  • Push Buttons – £15.00
  • Proximity Reader/Keypad – £55.00
  • Wired, Wireless and GSM Intercoms – From £110.00
  • Induction Loops – £60.00
  • Arm Nesting Post – £55.00
  • Reader Post – £55.00
  • Curtain in 2 Meter Lengths – £98.00
  • Hinged Arm – PoA
  • Token and Coin Readers – £255.00
  • Long Range RFID Reader – £180.00
  • Battery/Wired Safety Photocells – £55.00
  • Radio Receiver – £28.00
  • Transmitter – £10.50

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